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June 2018 Newsletter
Healthy Riding


Get Healthy SMC is Featured as a Statewide Best Practice!  
Check out the new case study that Berkeley Media Studies (BMSG) released this month on the health equity work of Get Healthy San Mateo County. The California Endowment (TCE) recognized GHSMC as a statewide best practice for public health departments to advance health equity in effective ways. TCE and BMSG describe a transformation in public health, away from a sole “focus on health services, education, and behavior to a broader approach based on systemic and structural change,” and how this approach is beginning to yield results. TCE recognized San Mateo County’s exemplary practices and innovation within the health department to encourage a new standard for health equity practice work across California. They interviewed community partners, the Chief of the Health System, Louise Rogers, the Health Policy and Planning manager, Shireen Malekafzali and more, to create a robust case study on the health equity work of San Mateo County’s GHSMC that puts us on the map as one of California’s most innovative and accomplished health departments in advancing health equity. 

Enhancing Civic Leadership: Graduation, Recruitment, and Scholarships 
Congratulations to 13 local residents who graduated from the Community Advocacy Leadership Academy! Get Healthy SMC partners with Community for Green Foothills on this 10-month leadership program that educates participants on advancing healthy communities. We are excited to continue this partnership in this upcoming year, and we invite you to apply for the 2019 cohort as soon as possible. Classes start in September 2018, and scholarships are available. We want to make sure San Mateo County residents and leaders are engaged in this leadership opportunity!

Items to include in this newsletter


Youth Commission Shares Accomplishments with the Board of Supervisors

On June 4th, the San Mateo County Youth Commission gave their end of year presentation to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors. The presentation gave an overview of the projects they have been working on this year, including Young Women’s mentorship night, the convening of the regional Youth Commission, and the work to support environmental literacy in local schools. The Youth Commission just went through the application and interview process to select new members for the 2018/2019 school year.


Removing the Highway 101 Bottleneck in San Mateo County

Last month, community-based organizations hosted an expert panel moderated by Get Healthy SMC Senior Community Health Planner Brian Oh to discuss strategies on how to move more people on our highways with less congestion. The discussion included the County’s consideration of a managed lanes project on Highway 101 and how a well thought out pricing strategy could reduce one of the region’s biggest commuter bottlenecks.


Voters Approve Increasing Bridge Tolls for Transportation Improvements

Regional Measure 3 (RM3) passed in the June primary election with 55% of the Bay Area voters saying yes to increasing bridge tolls for transportation funding. The measure will go into effect on January 1, 2019. The bridge tolls will go up $3 over the next six years at the seven state-owned bridges in the Bay Area. The measure will still allow for the current carpool discounts and a commute discount of 50% if passing over two of the bridges during commute hours.


South San Francisco Outreach has Begun! 

June 6th marked the first Neighborhood Leadership Group (NLG) for South San Francisco –a local group of leaders that will help shape the outreach and outcomes for the community plans to support children’s success locally. Over 30 participants worked together to identify community assets—places young people are creative, meet with supportive adults, learn new skills, and meet basic needs. Attendees were from youth support organizations, county and city agencies, the library, the school district, and community programs.


New Resources on Community Trauma Inform Our Work

The CCCS initiative is a trauma-informed effort to support children’s success in the places where they are most challenged. We have spent a lot of time thinking about the community-level trauma that many children face on a daily basis. Fostering community resilience is an important aspect of addressing community-level trauma.


Local Residents Graduate from EMS Corps! 

Four San Mateo County residents graduated from EMS Corps on June 12th. These young men are the first SMC trainees to participate in Alameda County’s renowned emergency medical technician training program, where they received five months of EMT curricula, physical training, professional development, and life coaching. Most trainees already passed their exam for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, and the others are preparing to take it.


Housing Leadership Day Seeking Workshop Proposals 

Housing Leadership Day (HLD) is the annual housing convening in San Mateo County hosted by the Housing Leadership Council (HLC). This year, HLD will take place October 19th, and HLC is accepting workshop proposals until July 27. We encourage Get Healthy SMC partners to submit proposals that will help us move ideas forward to build more inclusive and healthy communities.