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Removing the Highway 101 Bottleneck in San Mateo County


Last month, community-based organizations hosted an expert panel moderated by Get Healthy SMC Senior Community Health Planner Brian Oh to discuss strategies on how to move more people on our highways with less congestion. The discussion included the County’s consideration of a managed lanes project on Highway 101 and how a well thought out pricing strategy could reduce one of the region’s biggest commuter bottlenecks. The topic was framed through the lens of health, transportation equity, and a call to implement good land use and transportation policies to ensure all commuters benefit from publicly funded transportation investments. More conversations like this help everyone better understand the challenges and opportunities with mobility in and around San Mateo County.

The Connected Communities event series was produced by TransForm and Silicon Valley Climate Action Alliance. To catch up on the number of subjects that were discussed, visit TransForm’s website for on-demand recordings and panel biographies. You can also find a full list of sponsors who made the series possible all at