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South San Francisco Outreach has Begun! 


June 6th marked the first Neighborhood Leadership Group (NLG) for South San Francisco –a local group of leaders that will help shape the outreach and outcomes for the community plans to support children’s success locally. Over 30 participants worked together to identify community assets—places young people are creative, meet with supportive adults, learn new skills, and meet basic needs. Attendees were from youth support organizations, county and city agencies, the library, the school district, and community programs. The group was asked to identify additional stakeholders for the NLG and Community Champions—young people and family and community members who will engage with the community to help us understand the assets, barriers to success and potential interventions to help young people thrive.
We have our second NFO NLG meeting coming up on June 28th and will share a summary in the July newsletter.  If you or someone you know would like to serve on the Neighborhood Leadership Group or as a community champion in South San Francisco, North Fair Oaks/Redwood City, East Palo Alto or Daly City, please email Maeve Johnston at We’d love to hear from you!