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CCCS_Neighborhood_South San Francisco


South San Francisco

In South San Francisco, about 236 youth and caregivers shared their thoughts through small group conversations, surveys and “dream walls”. Eleven local champions led the outreach and engaged with residents.

Click here for the full plan, and here for Executive Summaries in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Tagalog

The following were identified as top strategies for SSF:

The following were identified as the top needs in SSF:

  • Housing costs, high cost of living, and lack of living wage job opportunities (and lack of opportunities to build needed skills/knowledge needed to get living wage jobs)
  • Mental health issues and substance use in youth are not identified or addressed 
  • Not enough affordable or free afterschool, weekend, and summer activities    
  • Not enough affordable, local childcare (including on weekends, in evenings, and during the summer) or preschool   
  • Lack of supportive adults (often because parents/caregivers are working multiple jobs and there are not enough opportunities for youth to connect with other supportive adults)