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CCCS_Neighborhood_Daly City


Daly City

In Daly City, 289 youth and caregivers shared their thoughts through small group conversations, surveys and “dream walls”. Eight local champions led the outreach and engaged with residents. 








The following were identified as top strategies for Daly City: 

The following were identified as the top needs in Daly City: 

  • Housing costs, high cost of living, and lack of living wage job opportunities
  • Criminal justice and other systems are not trauma-informed, do not recognize power dynamics w community
  • Structural + institutional racism, especially in systems that are supposed to support children, youth, and families
  • Insufficient educational opportunities especially culturally relevant ones and including in early education
  • Lack of holistic, coordinated, trauma-informed approach to mental health issues + substance use in youth
  • Lack of safe, inclusive spaces and affordable/ free activities for children and youth especially culturally-specific and culturally relevant ones