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CCCS_Neighborhood_East Palo Alto


East Palo Alto

In East Palo Alto, 268 youth and caregivers shared their thoughts through small group conversations, surveys and “dream walls”. Nine local champions led the outreach and engaged with residents.








The following were identified as top strategies for East Palo Alto:

The following were identified as the top needs in East Palo Alto: 

  • Housing costs, high cost of living, and lack of living wage job opportunities 
  • Lack of adult support (often due to parents needing to work multiple jobs and dealing with long commutes) and safe spaces
  • Lack of community empowerment + inclusion, esp. in decision-making / Structural + institutional racism (esp. related to educational and career opportunities and interactions with law enforcement)
  • Mismatch between current educational environment and what children + youth need to learn and succeed academically (from early childhood education to post-secondary)
  • Dealing with past and current trauma without adequate support and/or culturally responsive opportunities for healing (or to learn healthy coping mechanisms)