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November 2020 Newsletter
Election Results and Health Equity


Items to include in this newsletter


Please Be Safe – We Know it’s Hard with the Holidays – It’s More Important Than Ever

Many of us are used to sharing Thanksgiving with family, friends and loved ones over meals, parties and social gatherings. This year, Thanksgiving is coming at the same time as the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to circulate and grow. We know how hard it is to say no to the invitations of loved ones. We know it’s hard to not see and feel the love of family and friends. But, this is the time to remain focused on the health and safety of your family and loved ones – and our community as a whole. Many of us have lost loved ones already.


Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Moves into Health Policy and Planning

On October 1st, 2020 the CalFresh Healthy Living Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (NEOP) program team officially transitioned to become part of Health Policy and Planning (HPP) from Family Health. The NEOP team has worked closely with HPP on many policy, system and environmental initiatives over the years, including working with school/cafeteria promotions, Safe Routes to Schools, the Food System Alliance, Parks Rx and more. This opportunity helps align County Health’s pre

Health by Numbers

San Mateo County Voting Turnout

Preliminary numbers show a historically high 9% increase in voter registration compared to the 2016 General Election. The group with the lowest turnout has been residents 18 to 24 years old with a turnout rate of 53%. Source: SM Daily Journal

Pacific Islander COVID-19 Outreach Video

Pacific Islander COVID-19 Outreach Video

Two members of the Pacific Islander community in San Mateo County talk about the COVID-19 risk in attending a friend’s funeral. We are in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic. Sometimes, we have to miss important events to make sure we can stay healthy and safe. Important consideration for all of us as the holidays approach. 


Update on Measure RR – Caltrain Funding 

With 70.3%, voters passed measure RR, funding for Caltrain. This measure is for a 1/8th cent sales tax in Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco Counties to help fund the operating and capital costs of Caltrain rail service.  The sales tax is predicted to raise about $108 million annually for 30 years and will provide funding for electrification and an equity plan supporting low-income train riders. Caltrain service plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing a commute alternative to single occupancy cars throughout the peninsula. 


Lessons Learned from an High-Heat Summer + Other Challenges

On Tuesday, November 10th the Climate Ready SMC Extreme Heat Task Force held a webinar to review lessons learned from an unprecedented summer of high heats during fires and COVID-19. We heard learnings and perspectives from County Emergency Services, Office of Sustainability, Health, and Redwood City and North Fair Oaks Council. A key lesson is that while we didn’t reach the technical triggers for an extreme heat designation over the summer, many of our communities, especially those in the southeast, struggled to find respite given the poor air quality and closures due to COVID-19.


CCCS Efforts Underway to Expand Social-Emotional Supports and Critical Resources for Youth and Families

We are excited to share an update on the work CCCS partners have engaged in to increase supportive services for youth and families in San Mateo County.  Earlier this year, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, in partnership with County Health’s CCCS team received a $100,000 Google Impact grant to advance key CCCS priorities in: 1) supporting the social-emotional health and wellness of youth and families of highest need in San Mateo County,  and 2) increasing their access to critical resources.  Par


Update on Prop 15 Results and Other School Related Local and State Ballot Measures – Measure Z and T

Important local bond measures were passed on the November 3rd election to support two San Mateo County school districts. Measure Z authorizing the Jefferson Union High School District to issue up to $163 million in bonds with bond revenue going to fund improvements to safety, security, emergency communication and construction of classrooms and facilities passed. And


Update on School Wellness Alliance Convening

On Friday, November 13th the Get Healthy SMC partnered with Sequoia Healthcare District and Peninsula Healthcare District hosted the fall School Wellness Alliance meeting. This year’s fall meeting was designed for parents to support their students while schools remain primarily distance learning only.


California Crunch October 26-30  

Students in learning hubs at Ravenswood School District took a bite out of California crunchy locally grown produce to celebrate eating healthy while tasting locally grown produce from local California farmers.  Students were able to sample celery from Tanimura and Antle farm in Salinas, Ca.   Students also learned nutrition facts about celery such as it being high in Vitamin A, K, and C, and about farms where it is grown close to where they live. Our Nutrition Education and Obesity


Update on Transit Occupancy Tax Measures in San Mateo County

Residents in Half Moon Bay, San Bruno, and San Mateo voted to increase their city’s transient occupancy tax (TOT), a tax paid by visitors who rent accommodations for stays shorter than 30 days. Measures U, X, and W have the potential to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased annual revenues to the cities, which is critically needed as jurisdictions continue to be impacted by our current economic downturn and public health crisis.


Californians Vote to Maintain App-Based Drivers as Independent Contractors

Californians voted to allow drivers for apps such as Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash to be reclassified as “independent contractors”, rather than “employees”. This reverses California law under AB 5, which had classified app-based drivers as “employees” in 2020 to ensure their access to the benefits and protections that all workers are entitled to, such as paid sick leave, healthcare, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and a minimum wage.


Elections Results on Prop 21

Proposition 21 was defeated with 59.9% voting no on the measure. This State initiative would have enabled housing rent control at the local level. The rent control would have only applied to housing built at least 15 years ago and exempted landlords with two homes or fewer.