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Californians Vote to Maintain App-Based Drivers as Independent Contractors


Californians voted to allow drivers for apps such as Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash to be reclassified as “independent contractors”, rather than “employees”. This reverses California law under AB 5, which had classified app-based drivers as “employees” in 2020 to ensure their access to the benefits and protections that all workers are entitled to, such as paid sick leave, healthcare, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and a minimum wage. With the passage of Proposition 22, these companies will be allowed to revert back to classifying their drivers as independent contractors, providing flexibility to drivers on when, where, and how much to work, but will not require the companies to provide worker benefits. This new shift in state law carries implications for health outcomes, as stable employment, adequate income, and benefits are important factors for building financial stability and improving overall health and well-being. While close, the latest vote county shows a majority of San Mateo County voters opposed the proposition.