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November 2019 Newsletter
State Legislative Roundup


Items to include in this newsletter

Health by Numbers

Youth and Feeling Safe

Thirty percent (30%) of youth who responded to a CCCS survey question asking about feelings of community safety said they never, rarely or only sometimes felt safe in their community.

Case Study

Growing the Culture of Civic Leadership for the Environment and Health Equity

Civic empowerment enables residents to inform policies that create the conditions for health, and it is necessary to cultivate a thriving, multicultural democracy. Yet, communities that experience health inequities such residents of lower incomes and people of color are underrepresented in policy decision-making processes. Their voices have historically been marginalized and intentional culturally-informed efforts need to be in place to support the authentic leadership and engagement of all our communities.


Boards and Commissions Vacancies

City/County of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC): There is currently has a vacant seat on the BPAC for a public member. The BPAC provides advice and recommendations to the C/CAG Board of Directors (Board) on all matters relating to bicycle and pedestrian facilities planning and on the selection of projects for certain state and federal funding. Deadline: Open until filled.


Mental Health Legislative Roundup

Young people and caregivers who engaged in the CCCS process overwhelmingly identified mental health supports for families as a top priority for children’s success as identified in the Community Action Plans. California’s mental health system of care is undergoing changes to increase the quality, responsiveness and ease of access to mental health care for youth and their families.


Only 16% of Students in California Feel Very Safe At School

Recent data from the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) shows that only 16% of students in schools across California feel very safe at school. Data for San Mateo County shows a similar trend with 11% of 9th grade girls and 18% of 9th grade boys reported feeling very safe at school. Perceived school safety is closely related to student connectedness and academic achievement.


School and Children Legislative Roundup

The California State Legislature passed a number of bills that will support student health and wellness and ensure students are not unnecessarily excluded from school.  School discipline is getting a major overhaul thanks to SB 419, which eliminates “Willful Defiance” as a reason for schools to suspend or expel students, therefore reducing the number of students that will be suspended and expelled.


Improving Health by Increasing Income

Cities throughout San Mateo County are taking steps to support low-wage workers through local minimum wage ordinances. South San Francisco and Menlo Park recently passed ordinances increasing the minimum wage to $15 for all workers effective January 1st, 2020. Workers in Daly City, Redwood City, San Mateo, and Belmont will also see their wages increase in 2020. San Carlos and East Palo Alto are currently exploring similar policies.


How Can We Make Our Bus System Work for You?

Reimagine SamTrans is a once-in-a-decade study that will examine every route and every angle of our local bus system. Please join us in by taking their 7-minute survey before the end of the year! A robust, accessible public transportation system is a key strategy in ensuring healthy and equitable communities. Visit their website to learn how else you can participate at


New Laws Aim to Increase Production of Second Units 

California recently adopted several laws that aim to ease the production of second units. The more important changes are that any single-family lot can now have an attached and detached second unit; second units that are less than 750 square feet are exempt from impact fees; and local jurisdictions will have 60 days to approve the permits. There are many more changes in these bills that are summarized here.


New Housing Production, Protection And Preservation Laws

In addition to the new second unit laws described above, California adopted a housing legislative package that advances the production, protection and preservation.  For a thorough summary of the housing package check out the Terner Center UC Berkeley’s website. The legislature adopted AB 1486 that strengthened the surplus land act to allow affordable housing development in public land,  AB 1487 that enables the Bay Area to create regional funding and programs authority, and SB