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New Housing Production, Protection And Preservation Laws


In addition to the new second unit laws described above, California adopted a housing legislative package that advances the production, protection and preservation.  For a thorough summary of the housing package check out the Terner Center UC Berkeley’s website. The legislature adopted AB 1486 that strengthened the surplus land act to allow affordable housing development in public land,  AB 1487 that enables the Bay Area to create regional funding and programs authority, and SB 330 streamlines the production of housing that already meet zoning and building codes. Tenants will now be protected by rent stabilization and just cause evictions laws (AB 1482), and tenants that receive government assistance can not be discriminated against by landlords ( SB 329). To help with the implementation of these new laws, this year’s State budget includes $2.5 billion dollars to help with the production and preservation of affordable housing.