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New Laws Aim to Increase Production of Second Units 


California recently adopted several laws that aim to ease the production of second units. The more important changes are that any single-family lot can now have an attached and detached second unit; second units that are less than 750 square feet are exempt from impact fees; and local jurisdictions will have 60 days to approve the permits. There are many more changes in these bills that are summarized here. The legislature also adopted a second unit amnesty law but its implementation impact is still unclear. The law establishes that for any second unit built before January 1, 2020, that receives a notice of violation, the owner may request a 5-year delay in enforcement as long as the enforcement agency determines that the violation is not a threat to the health and safety of the tenants. San Mateo County already has a second unit amnesty program in place for residents living in the unincorporated areas.