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December 2018 Newsletter
Reflecting on 2018


Apply to the SMC Youth Commission RFP by January 24! 
The deadline to apply for the SMC Youth Commission Request for Proposals is rapidly approaching—January 24 before 5PM PST. The SMC Youth Commission increases awareness of and advocates for youth issues, advises the Board of Supervisors, presents policy recommendations, and creates projects that serve the community. SMC Health is seeking a provider committed to the youth development and well-being of all youth in San Mateo County to manage the SMC Youth Commission for the next three years. For more details on how to apply, visit:

Items to include in this newsletter

Case Study

Sustainable and Equitable Local Food Systems

Inequities in the food system have resulted in lack of access to healthy food options, including fresh,seasonal produce in low-income communities and communities of color. Low-income communities are more likely to have liquor and convenience stores than full service grocery stores for food choices, which leaves residents struggling to access healthy produce.[1]

Read the full case study

Health by Numbers

Majority-Minority County 

In San Mateo County, over 60% of residents identify as people of color. People of color are concentrated in the northern and southern parts of the county, including Daly City, South San Francisco, Redwood City, Menlo Park, and East Palo Alto. Woodside, Atherton, and Portola Valley have the lowest percentages of people of color. Source: Get Healthy San Mateo County data portal.


General Plans Can Lead to Healthy Places for All

The City of San Mateo and South San Francisco are in the process of crafting their general plans that guide the long-term development of their cities. These planning processes are a great opportunity for the community to plan for health in its broadest sense: access to housing at all income levels, active transportation, and quality jobs. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your ideas if you are a resident, worker, business owner or student in either of these two cities.


Redwood City Looking for Ways to Be More  Age Friendly

Earlier this year, San Mateo County staff kicked off a pilot initiative to improve the well-being of its older adult community through a partnership with the Center for Age-Friendly Excellence. Recently, San Mateo County Health staff have been supporting community efforts in Redwood City to identify age-friendly policies and programs. We are looking forward to expanding the pilot into Daly City and Pacifica in the new year. HPP staff are supporting the effort lead by County Health’s Aging and Adult Services.


New Land Value Capture Toolkit!

Get Healthy SMC partner, Envision, Transform, Build–East Palo Alto, compiled model and leading practices to capture the value of upzoned land and redistribute it to fund pressing community needs like affordable housing, job trainings for dislocated workers, municipal infrastructure, and childcare facilities. Check out the report.


Youth Advocacy and Social Summit

On December 11th, youth and Gender and Sexualities Alliances (GSA) coordinators from around the Bay Area came together at the San Mateo County Office of Education for the Youth Advocacy and Social Summit. They discussed a range of issues affecting LGBTQ youth, including how to start and sustain a GSA, discussed gender norms and the impact of Federal Title IX, a law that says students of all genders should have equal access to education. LGBTQ students often experience disproportionately higher rates of negative health outcomes.


South San Francisco and North Fair Oaks  Planning Winding Down 

December marked the end of the community planning and engagement phase for North Fair Oaks-Redwood City (NFO-RWC) and South San Francisco. Neighborhood leadership groups in both communities met for a final time to elevate top priority strategies. Initiative staff will circle back to neighborhood leadership group members who have been engaged throughout the process to finalize priority strategies for the plan, so top strategies are not yet finalized.