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San Mateo County Low-Wage Worker Profile


A key priority of Get Healthy San Mateo County (GHSMC) is a Healthy Economy. A strong local economy builds household financial security for all and promotes everyone’s health. An important aspect of financial security is wages—how much money a person or a family makes at their job(s). For most people, but particularly for low-income people, wages are the only source of income to rely for daily and monthly expenses with a limited cushion of savings and additional wealth to draw from. This makes even small changes in wages critical to a family’s financial security. In order to better understand the characteristics of the local low-wage workforce, GHSMC analyzed the demographics and industries of San Mateo County’s low-wage workers– defined here as those who earn $15 per hour or less. 

Download Full Low Wage Worker Profile
Low Wage Worker Profile Detailed Findings - Appendix X
Low Wage Worker Profile Methodology - Appendix Y