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Healthy Food Take Action


Take action to support healthy food

  • Support community-based efforts to increase access to healthy, affordable food sources, and reduce the availability and consumption of sugary drinks.
  • Join the San Mateo County Food System Alliance to promote and support a sustainable food system.
  • Support city planning and zoning efforts to promote urban agriculture in neighborhoods or encourage your city to implement statewide legislation to dedicate private land to urban farming, such as Assembly Bill 551passed in 2013. See the San Mateo County Food System Alliance’s report to “Promote Urban Agriculture in North Fair Oaks and San Mateo County through AB 551″
  • Conduct an assessment of your neighborhood’s food environment and present results to local decision makers to support the implementation of solutions that increase healthy food options.
  • Support other efforts to promote access to healthy food options such as working with mobile mobile vendors to increase the amount of healthy food sold near schools, parks, community centers, and high-need areas.
  • Increase financial access to healthy food and local fresh produce for low-income populations by incentivizing purchase of locally grown fruits and vegetables at local corner and grocery stores.
  • Initiate a healthy corner store project to increase healthy food and drinks in local stores.
  • Build community support such as through petitions, community forums, and meetings for policies that reduce consumption of sugary drinks, such as requiring water or milk as default drinks with kids meals.
  • Reduce availability and consumption of sugary drinks by engaging low-income youth and neighborhoods in dialog around the impact of sugar sweetened beverage consumption, in making policy recommendations for change, and advancing the recommendations.