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July 2020 Newsletter
Civic Engagement Toolkit is Live!


Items to include in this newsletter


Inclusive Virtual Community Engagement: New Section in Our Planning for Health Toolkit

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed significant limitations on how we conduct community engagement, creating the need for virtual opportunities that allow communities to participate in planning and policy processes impacting their lives. Check out our latest update to our Community Engagement Toolkit which includes a new section on emerging practices and strategies for implementing inclusive virtual engagement that expands access for our highest need communities facing barriers to technology.


Digital Divide Data: New Maps & Charts on the Get Healthy SMC Portal!

Fast and reliable internet is critical to accessing information and staying connected to people. Broadband internet is a type of fast internet that runs through cables versus dial-up internet that typically uses phone lines. Households with access to broadband internet can quickly utilize online services such as telehealth, teleworking, and education – which are critical to most people’s daily lives these days. You can now see the latest local indicator for broadband internet access in the Health Neighborhoods Data Portal.

Health by Numbers

Looking at Internet Access in San Mateo County

While access to broadband internet in San Mateo County is relatively high, not all populations have the same access. In San Mateo County, 92.2% of residents have access to a computer and broadband internet. However, only 83.3% of residents who identify as American Indian or Alaskan Native have access to a computer and broadband, the lowest for any racial group in the County. County residents identifying as two or more races (96.2%) report having the greatest access, followed by County residents who identify as Asian (95.6%).


Housing Policy Tracker: Updated Home for All Data Available

As more local jurisdictions explore a wide range of housing policies to bring more housing stability in these uncertain times, Home for All updated its housing policy tracker to make policy deliberations easier for our local partners. The updated tool includes short-term rental policies and it updated the other wide range of policies that will help jurisdictions increase and preserve the number of affordable units as well as protect tenants’ rights.


RFP for Volunteer Management Services for the Phoenix Garden is Due August 3rd

San Mateo County Health is currently accepting proposals for volunteer management services for the Phoenix Garden. The Phoenix Garden is a Permaculture Garden located adjacent to the San Mateo County Youth Services Center. The garden will be home to various learning labs, educational and treatment programs, open nature areas and public meeting spaces.


Restorative Justice Practices Training Instead of Law Enforcement at Schools

State Superintendent of Schools, Tony Thurmond, convened the Taskforce on Safe Schools to revisit the role of law enforcement on school campuses. The purpose of the Taskforce on Safe Schools hearing was to address these issues on a statewide level and within the context of equity and racial justice. This comes at a time when many communities are asking their districts to reconsider the role of police in education.


San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Provides Funding for Childcare Programs 

Childcare providers across San Mateo County and beyond have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. On Tuesday, July 21st the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted to provide $2 million to support local childcare providers. The funds will establish a new Child Care Relief Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to help providers remain open, particularly those in areas of the county serving low-income families and to ensure working families have access to quality child care.


CCCS Top Priorities for Action to Advance Racial Justice 

With an unwavering commitment and urgency to see real and lasting change in our systems and structures that is critical to ensuring a bright and successful future for our children, CCCS partners across the County have been actively engaged to identify their top priority actions for advancing racial justice:


The San Mateo County Immigrant Relief Fund

San Mateo County is providing critical financial support to undocumented immigrants who have been impacted by COVID-19 and who have been denied access to CARES Act funding. Eligible residents can receive up to a $1,000 grant through the San Mateo County Immigrant Relief Fund. This assistance is critical for the many essential workers who do not have access to federal resources, but have lost income or their jobs and face greater risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus.


Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center Continues Entrepreneurship Program in San Mateo County

Over the past year, Renaissance Mid-Peninsula, a Get Healthy SMC community partner, continued their programming to support entrepreneurship and economic mobility of low-income residents in San Mateo County with a focus in North County, by providing: 1) business planning and financial literacy classes, 2) personal coaching, and 3) marketing and sales activities, delivered in both English and Spanish.  In 2019 alone, Renaissance Mid-Peninsula served 402 clients, resulting in 76 new businesses and 114 total new jobs.  REC has als