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Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center Continues Entrepreneurship Program in San Mateo County


Over the past year, Renaissance Mid-Peninsula, a Get Healthy SMC community partner, continued their programming to support entrepreneurship and economic mobility of low-income residents in San Mateo County with a focus in North County, by providing: 1) business planning and financial literacy classes, 2) personal coaching, and 3) marketing and sales activities, delivered in both English and Spanish.  In 2019 alone, Renaissance Mid-Peninsula served 402 clients, resulting in 76 new businesses and 114 total new jobs.  REC has also successfully partnered with community and County agencies to offer mental health support, life skills counseling, health care, legal aid, and case management in order to ensure access to their programs for women of color, immigrants, and other groups facing multiple barriers to employment. For more information on their services and programs contact Tim Russell, Program Director at