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Healthy Economy Opportunities


Take action to support a healthy economy

  • Support job training and placement programs for groups that face barriers to employment, such as formerly incarcerated people, low-income communities, communities of color, and youth in foster care systems.
  • Support efforts to advance living and/or minimum wage policies and benefits such as healthcare and childcare benefits, and paid sick days.
  • Help increase access to and availability of financial services that are fair and do not charge exorbitant rates for loans or processing checks for low-income families and people of color.
  • Incentivize local hiring in large infrastructure projects. 
  • Reduce barriers for groups with high rates of unemployment—such as by passing local “Ban the Box” ordinances.
  • Promote small businesses in City planning processes and identify opportunities and tools for retaining small businesses.
  • Support efforts to ensure zoning helps retain quality mid-wage jobs—such as preserving industrial zones in appropriate locations. 
  • Support the diversification of quality, living wage jobs.