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Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE)


Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE)

San Mateo County Health has been part of GARE for the last four years to help us realize racial equity within our institution. GARE is a national network of government committed to achieving racial equity and advancing opportunity for all. GARE’s framework includes a normalization of conversations about race, organizing to advance commitments, and implementing systemic actions to achieve equity.

To advance this vision, some of the County Health GARE efforts underway include:

  • Capacity Building:

    • County Health staff participation in a year-long regional racial equity training cohort with introductory and implementation programs
    • Development of internal racial equity training curriculum
    • Training of nearly all managers and supervisors
    • Embarking this year on trainings for all staff
    • Racial equity web forums to learn from staff and hear from leadership
  • Learning and monitoring:
    • Surveys for staff to learn their understanding, needs, and priorities on racial equity
    • Review of all racial demographics of staff across classifications to understand representation
  • Internal Infrastructure:
    • A multi-divisional workgroup focused on implementing the Racial Equity Action Plan through a committee structure as well as divisional priorities
    • A racial equity subcommittee on the Health Executive Committee
    • Review of the demographics of our Health Boards and Commissions and offer of technical assistance to support diversity, inclusion and strategies to incorporate an equity lens
  • Policies, Programs and Strategies:
    • Advancing Anchor Institution Strategies and joining the Health Anchor Network
    • Multi-cultural organizational practices by Behavioral Health and Recovery Services