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Raising the Wage Floor 


In response to the affordability crisis, Daly City, the City of Belmont, and Redwood City are exploring policies to raise the wage floor for low-wage workers. This month Daly City, the City of Belmont, and Redwood City hosted study sessions to explore an increase of the minimum wage above the State’s minimum wage. Both cities directed staff to reach out to local business owners and stakeholders to gather more information. Should any of these cities adopt an increased minimum wage, they will join the City of San Mateo that raised its minimum wage on January 1 of this year. Our recently released San Mateo County Low-Wage Worker Profile identified 88,000 workers (25% of the total workforce) in San Mateo County who earn $15 an hour or less.  Research has shown that adequate and stable income is a strong predictor of good health outcomes.