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Racial Economic Disparities 


Not everyone in San Mateo County has the resources to live a healthy and prosperous life. Higher incomes and wealth are key determinants of health, and Get Healthy SMC’s Data Portal shows many residents struggle to make ends meet. While local White and Asian households have significantly higher incomes than other races, median income for Black and Latino households in the county is not enough to meet basic needs. Unequal access to wealth also prevents families of color from moving up the economic ladder. White San Mateo County residents own homes at nearly twice the rate of Latinx*, Black, and Pacific Islander residents. Get Healthy SMC works to remove economic barriers to health through programs like EMS Corps and Legal Services for Entrepreneurs as well as policies that build financial security for our lowest paid neighbors.   
*Get Healthy SMC uses this gender-neutral word to be inclusive of all residents that are of Latin American descent