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Institutionalizing Equity at the Community Level


In the summer of 2022, Public Health, Policy & Planning (PHPP) co-led a community-engaged research approach. This Community Collaborative Process had two main aims. The first was to establish a formal structure for community collaboration, power sharing, and trust building with PHPP. The second was to develop and pilot a free equity resource for the community.

Since then, PHPP has contracted with El Concilio of San Mateo to convene a collaborative of CBO representatives and community residents.  Today, the newly formed structure El Concilio leads is called the Community Collaborative Model (CCM). The CCM currently comprises more than ten CBO partners from across all regions of the county. The collaborative expects to grow as it identifies priorities and actions. The collaborative meets on a monthly basis on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Some activities they have worked on include: 

  • The development of CCM’s governance structure 
  • Participation in the development of the San Mateo County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

In February 2024, PHPP also launched the pilot workshops on “Public Health 101”. These workshops, requested by the community, aimed to build public health capacity within our community. They provided education and tools to advocate for public health needs in the community. Learn more about how participants felt about the workshops here. If your organization wants to host a Public Health 101 workshop, please reach out to Deandra Lee.

Huge thank you to all the community organizations that partnered with PHPP to make this work possible!