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November 2021 Newsletter
Youth Voices are Essential to Healthy Communities


Items to include in this newsletter


Funding Application Wrap-Up

The 2021 Get Healthy SMC Community Implementation Funding proposal deadline was on November 12, 2021 at 5pm. We received a total of 26 applications to fund projects for Healthy Housing, Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Schools, and Healthy Economy for a total amount of $1,253,004.  We are thrilled to see so many partners working on building healthy, equitable communities. Please bear with us as we review your applications. Selections will be announced June 2022. 

COVID-19 Y Nuestras Escuelas: Vacunas para la Juventud

COVID-19 Y Nuestras Escuelas: Vacunas para la Juventud

Casa Circulo Cultural, San Mateo Office of Education San Mateo County Health presented COVID-19 and Schools: Vaccines for Youth Live Webinar on November 4th. Are the vaccines safe for children 5-11? Are they effective? When should I get the vaccine? Yvonne “Bonnie” Maldonado, Stanford Professor of Pediatrics & Infectious Diseases, community pediatricians, and the public health department answered questions live and in Spanish.


North Fair Oaks/Redwood City (NFO/RWC) CCCS Celebrates Success and Looks Towards 2022

On November 8th, the NFO/RWC CCCS partners met in-person for the first time at the Courthouse Square in downtown Redwood City. Throughout the pandemic, this group has been meeting regularly to share critical information and resources to address the needs of the most vulnerable residents. The group chose to meet in person to close out the year and share accomplishments. Some successes of 2021 include:


Healthy Food Promotion in North Fair Oaks

A big thank you to all the partners who supported the outreach and administration of the North Fair Oaks Healthy Foods Survey. The findings of the survey will be shared with participating partners and will inform the work we do collectively to address some of the specific needs arisen from the data. If you would like to learn more about this effort and/or support the work, please contact Sonali Suratkar at


Live Webinars on COVID-19, Schools, and Youth Vaccination

San Mateo County Health, in partnership with the San Mateo County Office of Education, are hosting a series of live webinars to address the school community concerns, needs, and overall efforts in maintaining safe in-person learning. The first of this series took place on October 27th and focused on schools and COVID-19 community transmission; you can view the full recording at


Health Policy and Planning (HPP) Joins San Mateo Workforce Recovery Stakeholder Network

Last month HPP participated in a San Mateo Workforce Recovery Stakeholder Network Meeting with other local partners interested in shaping an equity-driven workforce recovery response to COVID-19. Spearheaded by NOVAWorks, participants included county staff, local educational providers, non-profits, business organizations, labor, and others to discuss how we can leverage our collective resources in the county and design innovative workforce initiatives to target the most vulnerable and highest need residents.


The Dilemma of Building New Homes with Limited Land

 Let’s Talk Housing San Mateo County, a countywide effort to inform housing plans, will be concluding its webinar series next month and tackle the hard question of how local jurisdictions with limited land can house all residents. Sign up for Putting It All Together for a Better Future webinar taking place on December 1 at 6pm.