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May 2015 Newsletter
Activating Healthy Streets


Building up health for everyone 

Get Healthy is excited to speak at next month’s San Mateo Downtown Future Forum on how transit oriented development promotes health. The forum is a part of an interactive series designed to foster input about assets and opportunities within the city of San Mateo Downtown area. These are creative ways to engage all members of the community in the Downtown Area Plan Update. Join us on June 24 from 6-7:30pm at Draper University!

Items to include in this newsletter

Health by Numbers

SMC Collision Report

Did you know that being struck by a vehicle is the leading cause of injury-related death for kids under 14? More data and ways to make our streets safer are coming soon in our San Mateo County Collision Report in few months.


Creating bigger gains by investing early 

We had a great discussion at our May School Wellness Alliance meeting on the importance of early childhood education. Participants viewed The Raising of America – the new documentary from the creators of Unnatural Causes that explores how a strong start for all our kids can create a healthier country for everyone.


Making a trail more well-traveled

Over 200 people laced up their walking shoes and hiked San Pedro Park together this month as part of San Mateo County Parks Department’s Take a Hike Program. Our large pack included many students who typically aren’t able to participate in these hikes. With the help of volunteers and Get Healthy coordinators, we were able to provide transportation and get over 175 youth from East Palo Alto and their guardians on the trail less traveled.


Open your front door to health

Menlo Park is tackling the housing crisis head on – and this means great things for health. Learn more about housing related issues tonight, May 28 at 7pm at the Menlo Park Senior Center. Get the latest on local housing strategies and policies to protect people living in Menlo Park, develop more affordable housing options, and create a healthier community for all. 


Ride along to NFO

The North Fair Oaks Bike Rodeo is coming up on Saturday, June 6! Bring the kids and brush up on your bike safety skills – get your bike fixed in the repair shop, learn how to bike along with traffic and how to put on a helmet. Plus, you can get a free lunch and raffle prizes so be sure to get there early!


Grander visions for El Camino Real

The Grand Boulevard Initiative (GBI) has adopted new priorities to promote healthy growth along the El Camino Real corridor. These include complete streets funding, sharing the GBI vision through presentations and social media, exploring funding opportunities and housing policies, coordinating transportation and public health planning, and creating more safe biking opportunities along El Camino Real. Healthier streets, here we come! 


Makes cents

The first City in the US to pass a soda tax shows us just how much money it can bring in. During the first month, Berkeley reports raising over $100,000 – and they’re anticipating a total of $1.2 million to come in over the next year. As other Cities consider how to reduce sugary drinks and improve public health in their communities, this might be something they can count on!  


Spice up your health

1 Grain to 1000 Grains has been working with farmers to bring boxes of affordable fresh fruits and veggies to low income Latino families living around the Siena Youth Center in North Fair Oaks. Since families joined the community food purchase program – that also provides cooking demonstrations – surveys show every family has increased the amount and variety of fruits and veggies they eat!  


Closing the meal gap

Did you know nearly 1 in 4 families or 217,000 households were at risk of hunger in San Mateo County in 2012-2013? While these families are being supported by Federal food assistance programs like CalFresh or local food banks, the number of families missing meals is increasing. As the cost of food continues to rise, we need to come together to help vulnerable families adapt and thrive. See how our County measures up on the Hunger Index and what you can do to close the meal gap.