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Measuring Success - Food System


Healthy Food System
Measuring Success

  • Use the following resources to determine whether a community is underserved and monitor progress towards meeting accessibility and affordability objectives:
  • USDA Food Access Research Atlas ( This resources allows you to:
    • Create maps showing food access indicators by census tract using different measures and indicators of supermarket accessibility;
    • Compare food access measures based on 2015 data with the previous 2010 measures; 
    • View indicators of food access for selected subpopulations; and
    • Download census-tract-level data on food access measures.
  • PolicyLink’s Healthy Food Access Portal (
  • UCLA’s AskCHIS ( Online health query system that allows you to quickly search for health statistics on your county, region, and state.
  • AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition ( provides health statistics by ZIP code, city, and legislative district.
  • The following resource contains more resources on different methodologies for identifying food-insecure areas: Healthy Food Access Portal. “Defining Underserved Primer.”