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Healthy Housing Opportunities


Take action to support healthy housing options


  • Provide policymakers with the data and information they need to understand the housing needs of their constituents.
  • Identify and utilize public land for the affordable housing development. 
  • Implement policies that facilitate production of housing at the income levels based on the housing needs analysis – this could include city planning policies such as affordable housing overlays, density bonuses for affordable housing production, inclusionary zoning – just to name a few.
  • Implement a comprehensive package of efforts that support protection of existing residents, preservation of existing homes, production of new housing at all income levels, placement of homes near transit and amenities, and participation of residents in decisions that affect housing. 

Other Stakeholders

  • Support the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, Housing Department, and city stakeholders in the launch of the Afordable Housing Task Force as an opportunity to advance county-wide solutions.
  • ​Increase awareness of the connection between health and housing and provide a framework for a comprehensive solution to the housing crisis.
  • Develop an inventory of housing stability and health best practices and policies to build on the work of local housing policy makers including 21 Elements.
  • Work with policymakers, community leaders, and within city planning processes to implement a comprehensive housing toolbox that supports investment without displacement. 
  • Track local funds allocated for affordable housing from local, regional, and state funding sources to see how best practices can be implemented.
  • Work at a regional level to make sure displacement is being adequately addressed by regional decision makers. 


  • Learn about local housing needs and challenges. Attend City Council, Planning Commission, and Housing Commission meetings related to housing stability and affordable housing in your community and voice your needs and aspirations.