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Creating Healthier Streets

Creating Healthier Streets

There are many ways you can take action for your community. Watch our video Strengthening Communities through Healthier Streets for more on how you can improve safety on streets in your city.

2,362 people died or were injured while walking or biking in San Mateo County between 2009 and 2013. These people could have been safe if we had healthier streets.

From focusing development near transit to using existing streets more efficiently, you can start prioritizing people and not cars on our streets. Catch the promo for a quick teaser.

In a new report Creating Healthier Streets, we highlight the connection between health and safety and how increasing opportunities for people to safely walk, bike, and take transit can save lives, prevent injuries, and improve health. 

The Creating Healthier Streets report releases the latest data on where more bike and pedestrian collisions and deaths occur. It shows that areas near schools and neighborhoods with communities of color have some of the highest rates of bike and pedestrian collisions. Out of all pedestrian and bike collisions in San Mateo County, 18% occur on El Camino Real. 

We can promote the health and safety of everyone who uses our streets by focusing on improving areas with the highest percentages of preventable collisions and deaths. To take a closer look at the health of your city’s streets, please contact us.