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Renewed Energy, Clear Vision

Staff Perspective Shireen Malekafzali

Get Healthy San Mateo County Family and Friends,

2016 is here and what an exciting year it promises to be for Get Healthy SMC and our partners! The vision of healthy, equitable communities that all of you developed over the course of 5 workshops, focus groups and surveys, was compelling, comprehensive and inspiration:

In healthy, equitable communities everyone feels safe, is financially secure, receives a good education, and lives in stable, affordable housing in neighborhoods that make it easy to be healthy and active every day. These neighborhoods offer a clean environment; access to healthy affordable foods, parks and public places; thriving small businesses and places to walk, bike, and use transit; and residents are diverse, civically engaged, and socially connected.

With a clear vision and an updated strategic plan, we are moving full force ahead to support our partners and the collaborative to advance the community-identified priorities. Here are just some of the things we currently have underway:

  • supporting a sustainable food and farm vision
  • advancing youth development through the San Mateo County Youth Commission
  • expanding our collection of data on current conditions for key priorities
  • improving data collection of kids health across the county
  • analyzing active transportation opportunities
  • advancing a vision of zero pedestrian and bike fatalities – especially for children and youth!
  • identifying public transportation needs
  • promoting best practices for education opportunities
  • planning our first School Wellness Alliance meeting for 2016
  • sharing the 5 P’s of healthy housing
  • developing a video education project
  • supporting regional efforts to advance opportunities for public transportation, stable housing and jobs access

Okay, I know that’s a long list, but doesn’t even come close to capturing all of the great work we’re doing to support your vision for a healthy San Mateo County!

Luckily, we’re not in this alone. The vision is big and it’s one that takes every one of us working hard, staying focused and collaborating. In support of our partners, we just released the final list for the 2016 Get Healthy San Mateo County Community Implementation Funding. What a great group of organizations focused on supporting community health and wellbeing.

I hope you – like me – feel a renewed sense of energy and excitement in 2016 to work together and achieve healthy, equitable communities.

Please join us on Facebook and Twitter if you don’t already follow us. It’s one more way to stay engaged and share your work with us.

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