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My Final Post with Deep Gratitude

Staff Perspective Brian Oh

Greetings, GHSMC partners! I write my final post with deep gratitude and optimism during one of the more challenging years in recent memory. As I wrap up my transition this month working for the County of San Mateo, I am encouraged by all the great health equity work that I was fortunate to be a part of during my three years with the Health Policy and Planning team.  We were able to advance policy efforts such as Daly City being the first city in the county to adopt a Vision Zero Action Plan to eliminate traffic deaths, which disproportionately affect our most vulnerable communities. We were also able to support our Board of Supervisors in its commitment to a more equitable approach to climate change. And I’m even more encouraged by collaborative efforts that have emerged as part of the county’s pandemic recovery such as expanding our commitment for racial equity and being able to support countrywide efforts such as Planning for Health Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership: A Blueprint for the COVID-19 Era (PHEAL).

Thank you for your leadership and resilience in advancing more equitable communities in San Mateo County.


Brian Oh