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Take action to improve parks and public spaces


City staff/elected officials

  • Increase access to parks and outdoor public spaces and use the San Mateo County Parks Department’s Healthy Parks program as a model for additional local efforts.
  • Evaluate the quality of local and regional parks and open spaces and increase safe access to parks and outdoor public spaces. 
  • Invest in upgrading and adding amenities to parks and open spaces, especially in areas where the community has fewer places to access. 
  • Collaborate with local, regional, and state parks and open space partners to better meet the needs of the community for access and strategies to increase use and stewardship of parks and open space in the community. 

Residents, parents, youth

  • Encourage your kids to get more physical activity and learn more about local parks.

  • Support safe access and convenient public transportation to parks and open spaces in the community.

  • Encourage amenities in parks and open spaces to make them safer and more comfortable, including lighting, restrooms, shade, and seating.