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Supporting Vibrant Downtowns Economic Recovery Roundtable Discussion


The third Economic Recovery Roundtable Discussion held on September 15th focused on actions and programs to support local businesses and included speakers from Environmental Innovations, Peninsula Chinese Business Association, SAMCEDA, City of South San Francisco, and Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. Highlights included the results from the county’s small business survey to learn more about the needs and experiences of small businesses throughout the pandemic. Out of the 347 responses, 44 percent were minority owned, with an average employee size of 4.4, and almost all (92%) reported loss of profits.  The county is developing a small business action plan to guide future strategies for supporting small businesses.  The draft actions include:

  • Support door-to-door community engagement
  • Expand regional centers to support small businesses
  • Expand Choose Local app pilot program (to encourage buying local)
  • Explore lending opportunities
  • Develop small business career pathways in workforce development services
  • Strengthen partnerships and expand collaborations including the small business development center
  • Continue coordination and convening to expand pilot efforts.

Stay tuned for the release of this action plan this fall and join the last Economic Recovery Roundtable focused on Fostering Economic Resilience through addressing worker needs such as childcare, housing, and other essentials on September 29. More info here.