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Supervisor Slocum on Housing, Health, and Regional Solutions


Check out the op-ed by Supervisor Slocum who highlights the importance of housing stability on the health of our residents and the progress that our County is making to address the affordability crisis. Following the op-ed Supervisor Slocum tweeted, “Home matters – during the holidays, perhaps even more so. And home and health are interrelated – long commutes create pollution and mean time away from family. We need to think regionally on this issue of housing and health”, and we couldn’t agree more. Supervisor Slocum is on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)who recently adopted the CASA Compact, a regional blueprint that aims to increase 3 P’s - protections for residents at risk of displacement, production of new affordable homes, and preservation of existing affordable housing. Following the lead of MTC, the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) adopted the CASA Compact this month, making it more likely that the CASA Compact will make it to the CA State Legislature for consideration.