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Steps Towards Racial Equity and Health


The need to address health inequities and social inequities continues to increase and so does the local efforts to advance solutions. Early this month, the Board of Supervisor adopted a resolution condemning racism and injustice, declaring racism as a public health crisis, and affirming commitment to diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. Get Healthy San Mateo County also published a Health Equity and Race infographic with local indicators on how race impacts the health of residents and highlights ongoing efforts to address these racial health inequities. South San Francisco is the first city in our county that formed a Mayor’s Commission on Social and Racial Equity to proactively advance equity in the City’s internal and external processes, as well as recommend policies and programs to overcome institutional inequities. We presented on the Community Collaboration for Children’s Success action plan for South San Francisco at their first meeting. It’s clear the commission is poised to set a great example for the rest of our county.