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State of the Youth in San Mateo County


It’s time to update the SMC Youth Commission’s Adolescent Report once again. The purpose of the Adolescent Report is to share evidence on where health needs are highest in order to inform the priorities of the Youth Commission, as well as guide the work of policymakers, providers, grant makers, young people and their allies across the county as they work to improve the lives of youth. To kick off the process for developing the next iteration of the Adolescent Report (which will be called the State of San Mateo County Youth), the Youth Commission received a presentation on key indicators for youth health as well as indicators related to the social determinants of health. The Youth Commissioners were especially interested in data around educational attainment, poverty, and mental health. SMC Health staff will be working over the summer to analyze additional data and will present again to the Youth Commission at their August retreat. Then Youth Commissioners will then support the development of the State of SMC Youth Health Report by identifying gaps in the data and developing policy recommendations.