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State Housing Bills Update


The end of August marks the last opportunity for the California legislature to pass bills.  The following are updates on key housing bills as of August 31, which is the last day for the legislature to reconcile bills: 

  • SB 899—enables religious organizations and higher education institutions to produce affordable housing on their lands. This bill is not moving forward.  
  • AB 1845 will create the Office to End Homelessness under the Governor’s Office by consolidating different state agencies providing services to homeless residents and providers. This bill passed.  
  • AB 1436 will prohibit evictions of residential tenants while the COVID-19 State of Emergency is in place but it will maintain the ability of landlords to collect the rent during the 90-days of the cease of the COVID-19 State of Emergency. This bill was renegotiated with Gov. Newsom and is now AB3088 and is still active.