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Spruce Walk Audit Recommendation Implemented


In the fall of 2021, we supported the San Mateo County Office of Education Safe Routes to School program to conduct a virtual walk audit at the Spruce Elementary School in South San Francisco. We saw good participation from school community members as well as city staff, who together came up with a list of project, program, and policy ideas to make it safer for students to walk or bike to school. Walk audits serve as a great first step to assessing a school’s neighborhood from the eyes of the community members and so we continue to follow up with the key players regarding the implementation of those ideas. The City of South San Francisco has been very prompt in their response and has installed a crosswalk with ADA curb ramps on Tamarack Lane by Spruce Ave, which was one of the priority recommendations collectively made in the walk audit discussion. This is just one example of how walk audits result in changes that benefit the community.