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San Mateo County COVID-19 Recovery Initiative and Vaccine Communications and Education Working Group


San Mateo County’s COVID-19 Recovery Initiative convened the Vaccine Communications and Education Working Group (VCEWG) on January 14, 2020. The primary task of the VCEWG is to 1) develop communications and outreach plans for the communities that bear the greatest burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 2) to provide feedback on the countywide vaccination plan.  The working group includes over 130 faith- and community-based organizations, public and private institutions, and other stakeholders who meet weekly to develop and refine key messages about vaccine safety, efficacy, and pathways for receiving a vaccine. The group is also a critical channel for dissemination of available vaccine opportunities through the multiple channels that are constantly evolving as vaccine supply increases and more focused efforts are engaged to create more vaccination opportunities in our most impacted communities. To gain access to important VCEWG materials including Community Leader Talking Points, Meeting Agendas and Notes, as well as, marketing materials, visit the SMC COVID-19 Recovery Initiative page locate here: