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RJP Works! Texas Schools Credit Restorative Justice for Reduction in Suspension


As schools in San Mateo County continue to implement restorative justice practices as a strategy to address school disciplinary issues and improve relationships between students, schools across the country are also recognizing the value implementing Restorative Justice Practices. A few years ago the Texas Education Agency invested over a million dollars to support training and implementation of restorative justice practices in the state’s schools, and they are now seeing reductions in suspensions and expulsions. One school saw a 50% drop in suspensions and expulsions after just one year of implementing Restorative Circles in classes twice a week of 35 minutes. This highlights the fact that minimal strategic investment at the state level can have a big impact in reducing the disproportionate suspension and expulsion of African American and Latino students. California schools could benefit from sustained investment at the state level.