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The RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health


The RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) created a space for cross-sectional leaders to discuss actionable, tactical, and scalable solutions to SDOH challenges to achieve better outcomes for the most vulnerable populations. PHPP staff member and current Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) SDOH Work Group member, Deandra Lee, attended the conference to bring back learnings. 

Major highlights from the conference include: 

  • The intersection between addressing SDOH and Health Equity through anti-racist work as racism is the footing of all SDOH 
  • How to get buy-in for SDOH programs 
  • An example of multi-sector collaborations focused on health related social needs   
  • The health equity impacts of SDOH screening tools 

We hope to apply learnings and best practices from the conference to our current CHIP process, where applicable. We also plan to share amongst the multisector partners involved in the CHIP.