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Racial Equity Now


The racial injustices we are seeing televised today are centuries old and cut across institutions. Without truly acknowledging the past and current racial inequities, we cannot recognize the dynamics of how power and the privilege play out in interpersonal relations, policies, institutions, and structures. And without that understanding, we repeat history in new ways. We must take action today. Get Healthy San Mateo County has been explicit about a focus on racial inequities for many years now. Health equity is not possible without racial equity. GHSMC has had specific and targeted actions to advance racial justice through Restorative Justice Practices, Community Collaboration for Children’s Success, Anchor Institution Model, Government Alliance for Racial Equity, Data Portal disaggregating and democratizing data, Civic Participation and more.  We have so much more to do and learn. We are committed. Today, and every day, we stand with all who work to advance racial and health equity.