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A Prescription for Diabetes 


1 Grain to 1000 Grains, in collaboration with the Samaritan House Clinic, has developed a new ‘Healthy Lifestyles for Diabetes’ Program to address the high incidence of Type-2 diabetes within low-income families in San Mateo County. Currently, nearly 8% of San Mateo County adults have diabetes. Launched in January 2017, this program integrates1000 Grains’ Healthy Lifestyles Program (HLP) with the Samaritan House’s patient counseling protocols and impact assessment. HLP takes a novel approach to nourishing the roots of family health by integrating food and health, household finance, and time/stress management. Weekly distributions of farm-fresh produce (sourced directly from the local farms that supply 1000 Grains’ CoMer program), along with whole grains and beans, reinforce newfound healthful behaviors. All the best to our partners on the launch of this new initiative and stay tuned to learn more!