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Permanent Supportive Housing: A Path to Independent Living


We have been getting lots of questions about the permanent supportive housing landscape and requests for permanent supportive housing resources in San Mateo County. We will take the next few months in this newsletter to better understand the supportive housing local landscape, explore local resources and data indicators regarding housing stability for residents who are at higher risk of homelessness due to mental health conditions and/or chronic poverty. The 2018-2022 Consolidate Plan has rich information on many of the programs that provide permanent supportive housing. According to this report, the County of San Mateo has a total of 1,326 beds designated for permanent supportive housing and 163 are under development. 

This chart shows the housing spectrum from temporary shelter to market rate home ownership or rental opportunities. Permanent supportive housing lives in the middle of this spectrum and aims to make rental units affordable, safe and stable to residents that are at higher risk of becoming homelessness and that need supportive services like health care, mental health services and independent living skill trainings in order to remain housed.