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Outreach Training Collaborative Update


HealthWays is currently working with about 16 CAKI/PACERs (promotoras/ outreach workers) who are volunteering to help disseminate information, engage with community members on any issues or concerns that affect them, and provide company to clients who need chaperones for medical appointments and other social activities. A team of three volunteers are also in-charge of encouraging seniors and other adults in participating in social activities like ballroom dancing as physical fitness. In addition to these 19 trained volunteers, a second level of volunteers have been recruited by the CAKI/PACERs, who also help in disseminating information and guiding clients to appropriate services.

Redwood City Together (RWCT) and Bay Area Community Advisory Council (BACHAC) Community Health, conveners for the Outreach Workers/Promotoras Training Collaborative, provided its second monthly training on Thursday, October 20. The subject area highlighted for this session included an overview and discussion on “Health Disparities.” The hybrid virtual/in-person session was facilitated by Tamarra Jones, PhD, Public Health Equity Officer-San Mateo County Health.  The Outreach Training Collaborative meets twice per month to develop a training curriculum, coordinate offerings of monthly training sessions, and provide resource support for outreach workers.