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Mental Health Awareness Month Virtual Background 


Mental Health Awareness Month is recognized each May to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding mental conditions. Mental Health Awareness month was first celebrated in 1949 and was founded by the organization now known as Mental Health America (MHA). MHA has designated this year’s theme to be “Look Around, and Look Within,” encouraging everyone to consider how the world around them effects their mental health. This year’s theme considers nonmedical factors (Social Determinant of Health, neighborhood, environment, education etc.) that contribute to our mental health and well-being.

California also has a statewide theme, #Share4MH to promote engagement in reducing stigma surrounding mental conditions:
·    Share how you practice self-care. 
·    Share how you practice mental wellness. 
·    Share how you get support for your mental health. 
·    Share how you overcame stigma. 
·    Share your journey towards wellness and inspire others to take action.  
·    Share how you live the Take Action pillars: Check-In, Learn More, and Get Support. 
•    Share4MH; promote the flyer (available in English and Spanish) with partners.
•    Review SMC Health Mental Health Month information and fast facts.

Virtual Background: Use this template to change your virtual background

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