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Meal Kits and Pie Ranch Commitment to Equity


Pie Ranch is supporting health equity in our community by expanding the pilot program for its Health Meal Kits business venture. The meal kits use ingredients sourced from small regional farms to ensure the highest quality and to support the local economy. They provide recipes and ingredients for one breakfast, two dinners, and healthy snacks for a family of four. Piloted with families at the Google childcare center last year for $100 per week, the program expanded this year to reach residents in the Pescadero community. The meal kits were delivered weekly to Pescadero elementary school, where families picked up their kits for the week. The kits were also sold to low-income residents in Pescadero at a discounted rate. While there are still logistics to be worked out, the pilot was extremely well received by families at Google and in Pescadero. Pie Ranch plans to build on the lessons learned to expand the model to increase access to high-quality, low-cost food in the community. ​ Learn more about Pie Ranch