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Local Control Accountability Plans as a Tool to Fund Restorative Justice Practices in Schools


Local school districts have used their Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) to prioritize restorative justice practices (RJP) as a strategy to improve school climate and school discipline. Most school districts in San Mateo County are in the process of updating their LCAP, so it is the perfect time to get engaged in the process and advocate for the inclusion of RJP language. Check out the Schools section of the Get Healthy Planning for Health Toolkit and our Restorative Justice Practices Guide to learn more. Please email Justin Watkins, Community Health Planner with questions or support:

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which California enacted in 2013-14, made significant changes to how schools and districts receive funding from the state, evaluate results, and receive services and programs to ensure students achieve their full potential. LCAPs outline the strategies and allocation of resources to achieve the goals of the LCFF.