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Leveraging State Workforce Monies for Equitable Recovery Efforts in San Mateo County


California’s recently approved 2021-2022 budget invests in key economic and workforce strategies over the next fiscal year to support vulnerable workers and build resilient and equitable regional and local economies in California. Much of the funding is available on a competitive basis to local governmental agencies and organizations at the county and city level who aim to work together to create more effective workforce pathways for our most vulnerable communities. This is an opportunity for San Mateo County partners to join together in applying for state workforce dollars to enhance COVID-19 recovery efforts, including the NOVAworks Community Resource Group currently convening to guide our county’s workforce recovery efforts. 

 Noteworthy workforce investments in the state’s budget include:  

  • $8 billion in stimulus payments to Californians earning less than $75k annually. 
  • $185 million for local workforce training partnerships targeting workers in disadvantaged communities while addressing economic competitiveness and climate change. 
  • $65 million to expand the Employment Training Panel program that supports industries to provide skill upgrade training to frontline workers, including programs for COVID-19 recovery.   
  • $30 million for Breaking Barriers to Employment to address social and economic barriers to training for underserved populations.  
  • $500 million to create the Emergency COVID-19 Relief Grant Program for small businesses. 
  • $35 million to fund universal basic income pilots in cities and counties consisting of direct cash payments to residents of high financial need.  (Advanced through legislation, awaiting Governor’s signature) 

As this funding becomes available in this next fiscal year, we encourage agencies and organizations to monitor the websites of the California Workforce Development BoardCalifornia Department of Social Services, and the Employment Development Department and join their listservs to stay updated on program timelines, criteria, and other important application information.  

Click on the links below to learn more about what is included in California’s 2021-2022 budget: