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Initiative Phases


The Community Collaboration for Children’s Success initiative is a multi-phased initiative to identify neighborhoods for community engagement, understand the issues facing young people through deep community engagement and implement strategies to address barriers to youth success.

Phase I: Deep Data Dive 

Throughout the year of 2017, the team conducted data analysis to identify areas of the County for an initial community planning effort. The data analysis brings together data from multiple agencies and sources to identify areas with high youth need and high readiness for community planning.  

Phase II: Community Engagement and Community Plans

From January 2018 to June 2019 the team will conduct in depth community engagement in the four identified neighborhoods for the initiative. Working alongside community members, staff will identify barriers to youth success and develop strategies and interventions to address those barriers. The outcome of the planning phase will be 4 community plans outlining barriers and solutions.

In each neighborhood, a Neighborhood Leadership Group will advise and shape the local outreach process. Community Champions from each area will gather data and work directly with the community to understand needs and barriers.  

Phase III: Implementation

From July 2019-June 2021, community plans will be implemented. The Board of Supervisors has indicated future support for implementation of community plans with $2.5M per fiscal year of Measure K funds.