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Growing Local Preservation of Affordable Housing Ecosystem


The CASA compact, a regional road map to address the affordable housing crisis, used a 3 Ps framework: Production, Preservation, and Protections. We are excited that they borrowed a part of our Get Healthy SMC 5-P framework for healthy housing! The two missing P’s are Participation of impacted populations in decision-making and Placement of housing near needed amenities. Locally, housing efforts have been focused on the much needed production of housing at all affordability levels and the protection of tenants as more of our neighborhoods experience gentrification. But throughout this year, there has been a growing number of organizations interested in the preservation of existing affordable units, acquisition of unsubsidized units to make them permanently affordable, and improvement of the habitability of our existing housing stock as it ages. Get Healthy SMC has been part of several conversations with groups exploring preservation. We are excited to see the ecosystem of housing preservation expanding in our county since healthy and stable housing is key to the health of our residents. Stay tuned for updates on this topic in future newsletters!