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A Great Local Example of Farm-to-School Connection


Ravenswood City School District continues to work with CalFresh Healthy Living staff and farmers to include local or regional fruit and vegetables in school meals. For years, Food Service Director, June Richardson, has hosted monthly cafeteria promotions, or taste surveys to introduce local or unfamiliar produce to about 3,000 low-income students. These promotional farm-to-school efforts also help to reduce food waste. In the last few months, students have tasted and learned about rainbow carrots, bananas, and strawberries, and broccoli. Some of the broccoli came from the school garden at Los Robles Ronald McNair Academy. Baylie Gray, a Food Corp Service member, works with the school cafeteria to incorporate their harvest in the school’s salad bar; another example of the farm-to-school connection! Congratulations to this model school district for their commitment to making the healthy, local choice the easy choice. If your school serves at least 50% free and reduced meals, contact Gloria Cahuich Gonzalez to bring Cafeteria Promotions to your school: