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Governor Newsom Signs Key Housing Bills


Another big legislative year for housing bills in California.  The following bills have been signed by the Governor:

 SB 9 Housing development: approvals will enable jurisdictions to divide single-family lots into two and create the opportunity to build up to four homes in a lot.

SB10 Planning and zoning: housing development density will enable local jurisdictions to streamline the rezoning of lots as long as they are up to 10 housing units.

These are few bills to watch that Governor Newsom has until October 10 to pass or veto:

AB345 Accessory Dwelling Units: Separate Conveyance will enable non-profits that build ADUs to sell them separately.

SB60 Residential short-term rentals ordinance: maximum infraction will enable local jurisdictions to increase fines on short-term rentals from $500 to $5,000.

SB1487 Legal Services Trust Fund Commission allocated funds to distribute to legal defense organizations that serve tenants at risk of displacement or experiencing evictions.

Stable and affordable housing is a key public health strategy to combat the pandemic and enable the most impacted communities to have equitable opportunities for recovery.